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An Insight into Thermal Imaging.

Serious Electrical Defect Example

The image below shows some very typical electrical distribution equipment with a very common fault. Components like this are found in EVERY factory or facility that produces electricity. This type of problem has the potential to burn your factory or premises to the...

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Understanding Humidity in the Home

Balanced humidity is a key ingredient for creating a healthy and comfortable environment within the walls of your home. In general, humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor in the air. It is most often referred to as a measurement of ‘relative humidity’. It is...

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Reduced Business Insurance Premiums

Thermal Imaging inspection can reduce insurance premiums. Many insurance companies now provide reduced insurance premiums to businesses who undertake certified surveys on their electrical equipment. Businesses benefit, in many cases the survey effectively 'pay for...

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CUI Risk. Damaged insulation Examples

In simplest terms, CUI (corrosion under insulation) is any type of corrosion that occurs due to a moisture buildup on the external surface of insulated equipment. It can be caused by multiple factors and can occur in equipment operating at ambient, low, and high...

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What Causes Mould in the home?

Damp house have been proved beyond any doubt to cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. Visible mould in the home is a problem, however most of the toxic mould floating around our air is invisible to the naked eye. When we understand what causes it to...

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Defected Electrical Connections – Examples

The following images are examples of defected (or poor) connections on electrical components, in various color palettes for illustration purposes. An increase in electrical resistance on a connection will cause localized heating. Heat is conducted away from the local...

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