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Our Inspection Services 

Electrical Condition Monitoring

Routine inspection on electrical equipment allows companies to detect, monitor and correct problems early. This avoids safety incidents, unplanned shut down, loss of production.

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Corrosion Under Insulation

Identify early stage water ingress within insulated pipework and components, indicating potential for CUI to occur. Prevent significant process leaks that can result in costly plant shut down.

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Thermal Energy Loss

Thermal energy loss within a blast freezers mean refrigeration equipment needs to work harder to maintain temperature. Identify insulation defects and water ingress, as well as warm air ingress into cold stores.

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Mechanical Condition Monitoring

Reduce maintenance costs through instant non-contact analysis of mechanical equipment and other critical plant. locate abnormal patterns of heat within a system or machine asset.

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Sand & Sediment Mapping

Thermal imaging provides us with an image of temperature distribution on a surface or object. Detect and map sediment or sand build up and areas of restricted flow within vessels and pipework.

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Building Envelope Inspection

Using non-destructive techniques and equipment to assess the performance of a building or structure. A range of domestic thermographic reports tailored to our customers requirements.

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Why choose Intec Thermographics

Equipment. We use the highest spec science grade thermal imaging camera for all inspection work. HD Resolution combined with industry leading sensitivity mean the most detailed thermal images possible.

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Qualification. We hold the highest possible qualification in Infrared Thermography. Level 3 Certified through the Infrared Training Centre (ITC) and Category 2 PCN Certification in Electrical & Mechanical Condition Monitoring.

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EyeCGas® Optical Gas Imaging Camera

Perfect for the Oil & Gas Industry. The EyeCGas thermal gas imaging camera is rugged, reliable and robust enough to cope with the demands of an offshore environment.

Based on customer input and industry needs v2 of this camera features improved sensitivity, wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow the user to embed concentration readings.

Thermographic mode and many additional capabilities make this instrument all you need to detect fugitive hydrocarbon gas leaks.


We are Scottish distributors for this camera. Contact us for a quote.

Infrared Camera Service & Calibration

The accuracy of any thermal Imaging Camera can deteriorate over time, as well as extended periods of use.

Annual service and calibration of these instruments is recommended to ensure accurate temperature measurement.

We support a number of UK operators in the Oil & Gas Industry with their maintenance requirements.

Infrared Camera Rental

Welcome to ultimate in thermal imaging camera technology. The FLIR T1030SC is the highest specification hand held infrared camera commercially available.

The T1030SC combines true High Definition HD Thermal resolution with exceptional thermal sensitivity and high speed raw data streaming enabling this camera to be used for the highest quality thermal video capture and the most challenging research and development applications.

The free FLIR Tools software download enables images to be analysed and reports to be generated even after the camera has been returned.

Remote Condition Monitoring

  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Electrical panel monitoring
  • Early fire detection
  • Condition Monitoring

Identify defected components during routinine preventative maintenance and monitor 24/7 until repair is carried out.

Contact us to find out more about our rental solutions.

Qualification is important, Experience is ESSENTIAL!

Errors in judgement can be costly for both a companies reputation and turnover, as well as to an individuals immediate safety.

We are qualified to Category 2 through the BINDT PCN Scheme in Condition Monitoring for both Electrical and Mechanical Applications.

In addition, we are ITC Certified to Level 3 Infrared Thermography.

We have individual membership to BINDT and actively participate in CPD (Continued Professional Development) through BINDT. 

We are also members of the UKTA which is a special interest group covering all aspects of infrared thermography.

Whatever your application, we are very well positioned to provide support.

Customer Feedback

Intec consistently provide a professional service. Having used this company frequently over the years i have always been very impressed with their work. Great attention to detail, highly recommended.

Jim Moran

Mechanical Engineer, Nexen Petroleum

I have never been dissapointed Intec they always provide us with a high standard of service and are very knowledgable. They always goes above and beyond to accomodate us even at short notice.

Joseph Cordiner

Engineering Supervisor, Lunar Freezing

Intec provide condition monitoring support on our electrical mechanical equipment on our fishing vessel, allowing us to go to sea confident that all is in order down below in the engine room. Thank you.

Jimmy Buchan

Director, Amity Fishing Co

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