Cold store surveys

energy loss is expensive.

Reduce power consumption. Extend equipment life. Avoid costly downtime.



Cold Stores and Freezers need to be cooled to keep goods at very low temperatures in excess of -30 C. Cooling fans and associated equipment often have to work hard to maintain prime conditions, resulting in very high running costs.

Preserving the right environment is of the upmost importance. Defects within the insulation material can become a threat to temperature uniformity inside.

Insulation leaks allow moisture to enter the unit, disturbing the required relative humidity. The moisture within the insulation will then condense and freeze and eventually, ice will build up and affect the insulating properties of the cold store wall.

To prevent door seals from freezing trace heating tapes are usually fitted around the door seal. When these may be switched off or have failed, warm air can enter the cold store, again affecting temperature uniformity.

Identifying and rectifying these costly areas of energy losses ensure that the cooling fans and equipment do not have to work harder than normal to maintain consistent temperature. It makes strong financial sense to consider energy saving and conservation opportunities.

  • Pinpoint areas requiring remedial work
  • Pin-point moisture ingress and frost formation
  • Identify warm air ingress around doors and seals
  • Quantify associated energy losses (Kw/Hr)
  • Validate insulation continuity




In addition to managing energy loss it is important to monitor the reliability of the electrical and mechanical equipment associated with the cold store.

Condition monitoring allows companies to detect, monitor and correct problems early, avoiding shut down, loss of production and safety incidents.

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