Thermal Imaging inspection can reduce insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies now provide reduced insurance premiums to businesses who undertake certified surveys on their electrical equipment.

Businesses benefit, in many cases the survey effectively ‘pay for itself’  through the insurance reduction.

They also obtain a status report detailing all the pending electrical problems in their facility, allowing them to plan and schedule maintenance activities in advance. This helps keep their operations running smoothly, minimizes downtime and most importantly, keeps safety at a premium.

Thermography inspection is a critical part of any condition monitoring / predictive maintenance program. It provides a safe, clean and visual way of assessing the condition of live electrical equipment. It is the most effective method to identify high resistance joints, defected connections, overloaded circuits and other faults BEFORE they reach critical failure and become a fire and safety hazard.

Such problems are virtually impossible to identify by any other means.

A growing number of insurers are now making thermographic surveys compulsory with regard to fire prevention.

To qualify for a reduction in your insurance premiums inspections must be completed by a Certified Level 2 infrared thermographer, as a minimum acceptable criteria.

Level 2 Inspectors are experienced within the application of electrical thermograpahy and troubleshooting. They are trained in infrared physics, heat science and infrared measurement equipment and its application. They are proficient in the areas of equipment selection, techniques, limitations, data analysis, corrective action and reporting.

Thermal Imaging is supplemental to and does not replace electrical inspection and testing. It should be considered as an essential tool to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire events, reduce downtime and increase safety.

Below: Defected connection on a contactor.

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