The following images are examples of defected (or poor) connections on electrical components, in various color palettes for illustration purposes. An increase in electrical resistance on a connection will cause localized heating.

Heat is conducted away from the local resistance, thus creating a thermal gradient.

Example 1 – Contactor and Overload relay assembly with a couple of connection issues. High contrast color palette, pretty standard.

Contactor and overload relay unit defected connections.

Example 2 – Isolator switch, L1 busbar connection to control circuit live connection is defected. Linear Fusion palette, smooth color distribution.

Main isolator with a defected connection on L1 to control circuit live.

Example 3 – Main Isolator connection defect on phase 2. An active ROI is applied to visualize only the heat distribution from the connection that is defected. When it comes to analyzing the images in software it is possible to pull some fantastic data from thermal images.

005 Image 2 – Active ROI (region of interest)