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Robust hand held Camera for detecting Fugitive Emissions.

Opgal EyeCGas® Optical Gas Imaging Camera

The Opgal EyeCGas v2 Optical Gas Imaging Camera is perfect for the detection of Hydrocarbon Releases. This specially adapted infrared cameras is rugged, reliable and robust enough to cope with the demands of the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industry.

Based on customer input and industry needs the Opgal EyeCGas v2 Optical Gas Imaging Camera features improved sensitivity, wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow the user to embed concentration readings from selected VOC detectors.

Thermographic mode and many additional capabilities make this instrument all you need to detect fugitive hydrocarbon gas leaks.


We are Scottish distributors for this camera. Contact us for a quote.

OPGAL Optronic Industries is a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal imaging infrared cameras.

 OPGAL has been manufacturing a wide portfolio of thermal imaging infrared products since 1983, its products serve the Defense, Security, Industrial and Aviation markets.

 OPGAL develops and manufactures “EyeCGas®”, an optical gas imaging infrared camera for remote fugitive emission detection. The EyeCGas® camera is designed for the Oil & Gas industry.