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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)


Screening for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)

Thermal Imaging is an effective tool for measuring the temperature of the human body. It enables non-contact, fast screening and can identify individuals with an EBT, indicating possible illness or infection.

 This technology is widely used in high traffic facilities including airports and entrances to buildings.

Once an EBT has been detected, the individual can then be separated for further screening with virus specific tests.

INTEC THERMOGRAPHICS offer the following solution:

  • Equipment and installation in your facility.
  • Procedures/protocol designed for your facility, in line with national standards.
  • Technical support in Peterhead and throughout North East Scotland.
  • Demonstration locally.

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How does it work?

Thermal Imaging is a competent screening tool for detecting elevated body temperature.

Here’s how it works (an overview):

  • Thermal imaging cameras detect radiated infrared energy from the surface of a solid object (i.e the skin).
  • The captured energy is then mathematically converted to a temperature reading.
  • The temperature reading (of each pixel) on the camera then gets associated with a color, representing a temperature.
  • The absolute accuracy of the camera depends on many factors. These including emissivity, detector noise/NETD, temperature drift and focus etc. (to name a few).
  • Typically, a “good quality” thermal camera accuracy is +/- 2 C. This is not sufficient for elevated body temperature screening. 
  • The ability of a camera to obtain a correct temperature reading depends on many factors. These include subject motion, distance, environmental conditions, human body thermo-regulation etc. (to name a few).



An Important Notice!

There is a lot of misinformation currently in the public domain from companies advertising low cost equipment that is not fit for purpose. 

To protect your investment, consider the following:

  • Work only with reputable companies with a proven track record (in the application and science of infrared thermography). This is critical.
  • Companies that sell and install equipment are not always experts in thermography. Be aware of false claims in marketing literature and websites.
  • Ensure you are informed of the design and testing methodology, equipment specification, screening protocol and corresponding standards (ISO/TR 13154:2017, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, IEC 80601-2-59). 
  • Be aware of low cost, fully automated equipment, with false camera accuracy claims.
  • The tear duct area (inner canthus, roughly 3-5mm) is the most practical (and widely adopted) measurement area. At minimum 3 pixels are required to cover this region.
  • Camera’s claiming to scan large crowds are FALSE. This is not possible, the face must fill 75% of camera view. Pointing at large crowds will not provide enough resolution over the tear ducts for an exact measurement.


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